CHA AGM Minutes 11.1.2024
Gold Minutes 11.1.2024
Gold Minutes 7.9.2023

The most recent minutes of the CHA meeting are available in PDF format using the download links above. Earlier minutes are available by request from the CHA offices.

The membership of the Crouch Harbour Authority has been changed by Crouch Harbour Authority (Constitution) Harbour Revision Order 2007 which represents government policy on the constitution of Trust Port Authorities.

The membership of the Authority is being reduced to 10 members. Whereas under Crouch Harbour Act 1974 the members of the Authority were appointed by County and District Councils and other named organisations, following the Revision Order members are appointed by an Appointments Panel of existing members lead by the Chairman of the Authority and hold office in their own right.

Members of Crouch Harbour Authority for 2023 are:

  • Chairman: Ken Wickham
  • Vice Chairman: Edwin Buckley
  • Robert Brown – Co-Opted
  • Robert Coyle
  • Trevor Dann
  • Simon Hollington
  • John James
  • Stuart Munro
  • Stewart Olley – Co-Opted
  • David Sloan
  • Andrew Wise
  • Councillor Mrs Julie Gooding – Co-Opted

Member vacancies are advertised in the local press. The appointments process is intended to ensure that the board of members contains a wide range of experience and abilities relevant to the management of a harbour, as set out in the Revision Order.

Crouch Harbour Authority Meetings

The Harbour Authority meets three times per year, usually on Wednesday evenings in the Harbour Office in Burnham. Meetings of the Harbour Authority are open to the public, who are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Correspondence for members should be sent via the Harbour Office. Confidential correspondence should be within a sealed envelope which will be forwarded unopened.