All vessels currently used for residential purposes within the harbour (which includes marinas, boatyards, creeks,  mud berths etc.) are required by Crouch Harbour Act 1974 to be licensed by Crouch Harbour Authority.

It is an offence punishable by fine to use a vessel for residential purposes without such a licence and the Harbour Authority has the power to remove and/or destroy any vessel being used in contravention of this  requirement.

Use of a vessel for residential purposes also requires:

  • Planning Consent (unless there is an established lawful use of the land/riverbed  for this purpose).
  • The consent of the landowner and all landowners whose land is used for access/parking etc.
  • CHA Works Licence for all access jetties, walkways etc.
  • Land Drainage Consent (Environment Agency) if the use or any related works affect seawalls, flood defences etc.
  • Acceptable arrangements for the supply of potable water; collection and disposal of  waste water and sewage;  collection of domestic waste/garbage;  parking of vehicles and safe access to the vessel.
  • If the residential vessel is moored within or close to an SPA or SAC Natural England will have to advise whether an Appropriate Assessment needs to be carried out of its effects on the conservation integrity of the designated area.
  • Insurance – Vessels will be required to provide minimum third party and wreck removal.