Behaviour on the waters within the Crouch Harbour Authority’s District is generally good; we rely on the majority of professional and courteous leisure sailors to set a good example.

However, there is still a minority who blatantly flout not just the speed limit but continue to put up unacceptable wake and wash when underway in the vicinity of vessels moored alongside jetties/pontoons.

Keep a good lookout including astern, be aware of the effect your wake is having on others [put yourself in their position]

Be particularly vigilant when:

  • Passing moored craft
  • Where small vulnerable craft are underway nearby
  • Where people are boarding or landing from tenders

Our policy has been to educate rather than prosecute, a process we would very much like to continue.  However, we are duty bound to take further action against all serious Byelaw offences and persistent offenders.

As a statutory authority we have similar powers to the police in regarding enforcement of byelaws. You are reminded of Crouch Harbour Byelaws 1978 [As amended by the Crouch Harbour Amendment Byelaws 1992]

Part II Section 5 Careful Navigation:  No Master of a vessel, shall cause or permit such vessel to be navigated in a manner dangerous to other vessels or persons or without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons.

Part II Section 6 Speed Limite: Subject to byelaw 5 and other requirements of maintaining adequate steerage way and and control, no Master shall permit or cause any power driven vessel to be navigated at a speed exceeding 8 knots through, on or over the water, provided that this byelaw shall not apply to any vessel on any occasion when it is being used for Harbour Authority, Police, Fire-Fighting or Rescue operations in circumstances where such speed limit would be likely to hinder the use of the vessel for the purpose for which it is being used on that occasion.

If you are involved in a marine accident:

If you are involved in a marine incident or accident, no matter how minor within the Crouch Harbour Authorities District, you must report the fact to the Harbour Authority as soon as practicably possible.

Standard report forms are available on the CHA website or from the Harbour Office.

Anchoring of vessels with the CHA District

  • Vessels at anchor are to display the appropriate day and night light, shapes or signals.
  • Vessels must be able to weigh anchor without assistance and move at notice apposite to the conditions or as and when required to do so by Crouch Harbour Authority.
  • Vessels should not anchor close to any navigation, racing or mooring buoys so as to foul such marks in any way.
  • Skippers are discouraged from leaving their vessels at anchor unattended. Should the vessel be left unattended for a short period it should not be until after the first turn of tide after anchoring and definitely when inclement weather is forecast.

Do not moor up to/makefast to Navigation Marks.

Lights Shapes and Sound Signals

Owners and operators of all vessels with the CHA are reminded of their obligation under the Marine Safety Act that the appropriate lights must be displayed between the hours of sunset and sunrise and in times of restricted visibility.

For full details please consult the International Regulations for preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 [COLREGS]

Part C – Lights and Shapes

Part D – Sound and Light Signals.

As a statutory Harbour Authority we have similar powers to the police regarding enforcement of byelaws