Harbour Dues charged pursuant to S.26 of Harbours Act 1964 & S.54 of Crouch Harbour Act 1974

Harbour Dues are payable on all vessels afloat on the rivers Crouch and Roach including off-river and mid-river marinas, basins, creeks, saltings, private land and mud berths and the requirements for display of Harbour Dues Plaque apply (Crouch Harbour Act 1974, s.55).

The revenue derived from Harbour Dues is used by the CHA to meet the cost of the management of the harbour including but not restricted to:

  • Giving advice and assistance
  • Maintaining navigation aids and marks
  • Seasonal patrolling
  • Publishing and distributing tide tables and Notices to Mariners both in hard copy and via website
  • Enforcement Byelaws
  • Providing information in regard to commercial traffic movements

Schedule of Harbour Dues and Charges 2020

(Yachts, Recreational Craft, Fishing Vessels, Houseboats)

Commercial Charges – please contact the Harbour Office on 01621 783602 or by email info@crouchharbour.org.uk

Annual Harbour Dues (inc. VAT)
The Harbour Dues Year runs from 1st January to 31st December. Harbour Dues are payable for the whole of a Harbour Dues Year and cannot be paid for part of a Harbour Dues Year. Harbour Dues become payable when the vessel is first launched/afloat during the year and the payment/Harbour Dues plaque expires on 31st December.

Early Payment:
1st January to 31st March 2020. After 31st March the full Annual Harbour Dues apply.
N.b. The Crouch Harbour Authority are pleased to announce that at a special “virtual meeting” of the CHA, the Early Payment Rate due to finish on 31st March, will now be extended until end of the present emergency ‘lockdown’ restrictions.

It is a condition of the Early Payment that the issued Harbour Dues Plaque is displayed on the vessel and is visible at all times. (Not behind covers please.)

The CHA recommend that it is good practice to make sure that your vessel is insured covering public liability of at least £3,000,000.

Vessel Length
Feet Metres Full Dues *Prompt
8.00 – 15.50 2.44 – 4.73 £40.00 £30.00
15.51 – 21.50 4.74 – 6.55 £56.00 £42.00
21.51 – 26.50 6.56 – 8.07 £70.00 £52.50
26.51 – 32.50 8.08 – 9.90 £73.00 £54.75
32.51 – 38.50 9.91 – 11.73 £86.00 £64.50
38.51 – 49.50 11.74 – 15.08 £99.00 £74.25
49.51 – 59.50 15.09 – 18.13 £109.00 £81.75
59.51 – 66.50 18.14 – 19.96 £139.00 £104.25
66.51 – 98.50 19.97 – 30.02 £262.00 £196.50
98.51 – 131.50 30.03 – 40.08 £341.00 £255.75
131.51 + 40.09 + £525.00 £393.75

River Pods
To be charged Harbour Dues based on the length.

Tenders over the length of 16′ charged at 50% of ordinary Harbour Dues rate.
NB. PWCs (Jet Skis) are not classified as a tender and require a PWC Licence.

Rowing Boats/Gigs (INCLUDING Atlantic Rowing Boats) over 16ft

Visiting Vessels (Only applies to vessels coming in from seaward)

All visiting leisure vessels are entitled to one visit in any Dues year of up to 14 consecutive days free of charge before being charged for Harbour Dues.  If you are remaining in the river for longer than 14 consecutive days and do not intend to remain permanently, Short Visit Dues will apply.  Please see below.

Short Visit Dues

This Tariff applies only to BONEFIDE VISITORS and does not apply to anyone wishing to launch on multiple occasions during the year.

Maximum visit of up to 3 consecutive weeks (21 days) in any Dues year, after that period full annual Harbour Dues will apply.

Vessel Length
Feet Metres Dues
8.00 – 15.50 2.44 – 4.73 £7.35
15.51 – 21.50 4.74 – 6.55 £9.45
21.51 – 26.50 6.56 – 8.07 £11.55
26.51 – 32.50 8.08 – 9.90 £14.70
32.51 + 9.91 + £18.90

Short Visit Dues Are Not Available to:
Waterski Boats, Personal Watercraft, Atlantic Rowing Boats, Gigs over 16ft.


Other Vessels

Water Skiing Vessels (Annual Registration Fee inclusive of Harbour Dues)
CHA Ski Licence (Vessels of Owners who are Members of Woodham Ferrers Water Ski Club) £120.00
CHA Ski Licence (All other Waterski Vessels) £180.00
Personal Water Craft (PWC)
All Craft  £180.00
Junior Fleet Dinghies (sailed only by 18 year olds and under)
Sailing Dinghies max length 16 ft. £10.00
Club Safety Boats/Yard Launches/Workboats
Launches/RIBs owned and registered to established local clubs and used solely for the benefit of the membership on club activities. Bona fide Yard Workboats and Launches up to 12 metres in length. £10.00

CHA Mooring Charges

CHA Moorings
Please contact the Harbour Office for further details on moorings in the locations of Hullbridge and South Woodham Ferrers. £160.00
Commercial Charge for Piers/Pontoons
Annual Charge for NEW Commercial/Gain and Profit Piers/Pontoons £5.00 per square metre
New Annual Tariff Band for Static House Boats
Annual Charge for Static House Boats £150.00 fixed fee

New Tariff Band for Static House Boats

To Qualify the following Documents must be provided:

  • Proof that the owner/titleholder of the berth is aware of the ‘liveaboard’ status of the vessel.
  • Proof that the owner/title holder of the berth has obtained residential status from the relevant owner for the berth that the vessel occupies.


That the vessel does not undertake any voyage away from the berth other than:

1) To a repair, maintenance or dry-dock facility in which case the following will apply.

  • The owner will be required to inform the Crouch Harbour Authority of his intention to move.
  • Provide insurance documentation for the intended voyage
  • Provide RAMS [If applicable] for intended voyage
  • Comply with pilotage regulations if applicable
  • If tug assistance required use CHA approved contractor.

2) To an alternative designated residential berth.

*Should the owner of the vessel move their boat without notifying the Crouch Harbour Authority or shift to an alternative berth that does not have the relevant permissions then said vessel’s Static Houseboat status will be immediately revoked and Harbour Dues appropriate to the apposite length based tariff will become immediately payable for that current harbour dues year.

Application to be reinstated would not be considered until the following year.

Vessels Exempt from Harbour Dues in 2020
The CHA recommend that vessels exempt from Harbour Dues are insured covering public liability of at least £3,000,000.

All exempt Vessels:
Vessels under 2.44m (8’), non-motorised Canoes (Kayaks), Stand-Up Paddle Boards, Sailboards, Bona Fide Tenders under 4.87m (16’) length provided Harbour Dues have been paid on the Mother Vessel and clearly marked “Tender to (mother vessel)”, Emergency Services vessels, Vessels in RNLI service.
N.B. Hovercraft are not permitted on the River Crouch & River Roach

Boat Inspections

Please be aware that regular boat inspections are carried out throughout the year by Harbour Staff in regard to payment of Harbour Dues which apply to all vessels afloat within the rivers Crouch and Roach. Please ensure that your current Harbour Dues Plaque is displayed on your vessel where it can be seen at all times (not behind covers) to avoid having a notice placed on your vessel when you have in fact paid but not displayed. Vessels not displaying a Plaque will be deemed not to have paid Harbour Dues.

We would very much appreciate it if owners can ensure that the vessel name is displayed on either the bow or stern. This will assist the Harbour Staff in identifying vessels during our boat inspections and also in the event of any incidents.

If you have not notified the Crouch Harbour Authority of a change of ownership the registered keeper is still liable to pay the Harbour Dues.

Penalty Charge for Non-Payment of Harbour Dues

Harbour Dues are charges for use of the Harbour within the Authority’s jurisdiction as defined in Crouch Harbour Act 1974, which the Authority is empowered to make by that Act and by Harbours Act 1964.

Charges must be fair and reasonable and any person affected has a right to object to the Secretary of State for Transport under S.31 of Harbours Act 1964.

Failure to pay after written reminder will result in a Court Summons being issued.  Harbour Dues are recoverable by the authority as a Civil Debt. The penalty charge for recovery of unpaid dues is three times the ordinary rate plus costs (Crouch Harbour Act S.58).

The Authority has the power under S.44 of 1847 Harbours Docks and Piers Clauses Act to distrain on (seize) vessels or their equipment to secure payment of Harbour Dues.