Moorings are available at Smugglers, Hullbridge.

The Mooring Fee for 2024 is £179.94.

To apply for a Mooring please download the 2024 Mooring Agreement Form:
2024 Mooring Form

Please contact the Harbour Office on 01621 783602 for more details.

Please click here for details for our Agent Managed Moorings.

CHA Mooring Terms & Conditions

Please see below conditions of allocation:

  • Your moored boat must be in a seaworthy condition and have compulsory third party liability insurance
  • Moored Vessel not to exceed 8m (26ft) in length
  • The CHA takes no responsibility whatsoever for the mooring, which is the responsibility of the Licence holder
  • Once laid the mooring is not to be moved from its geographical position
  • If mooring moves through “dragging” then returning it to original designated position will be at Licence holders expense
  • The mooring tackle must be checked as fit for purpose at the start of the season
  • Accept that the distance between moorings is so calculated as to provide best opportunity for clear swinging room for vessels authorised to occupy them under normal circumstances. However, where wind, tide or meteological conditions cause vessels to come in contact with another craft or mud bank, the licence holder agrees to indemnify the CHA against all claims for damage so caused
  • Sinkers, chains and buoys shall be of an approved standard and be installed in accordance and to the satisfaction of the CHA
  • It is recommended that a nylon rope is attached from the ground tackle through the riser chain to the swivel as a safeguard to the mooring chain
  • The mooring buoy must have the mooring reference and boat name displayed
  • CHA reserves the right to move mooring in an emergency
  • Mooring not to be operated for commercial/trade purposes
  • No other vessel permitted to use mooring without permission from CHA
  • CHA not responsible for any loss or damage to vessel so caused
  • Notify CHA of any changes of ownership, name, colour, registration etc.
  • Any change in boat should be in consultation with the CHA as to the allocated mooring area
  • The moored boat must display a current CHA Plaque
  • The mooring holder shall not transfer the mooring to another person without permission from CHA
  • Waste Disposal: The vessel owner is responsible for ensuring that all waste/garbage is taken ashore for disposal at an authorized facility and is not allowed to enter the marine environment. Vessels
    observed disposing of waste into the marine environment should be reported to the Harbour Master using the “Garbage Disposal Complaints Form” available on the CHA website
  • Should the mooring no longer be required, the owner will at their own cost remove all mooring equipment and the demised premises left in its original condition

Failure to observe Terms and Conditions may result in immediate revocation of Licence and removal of mooring.