Application for Static Houseboat Status

To apply please complete and return Static Houseboat Application Form

Terms & Conditions

That the vessel does not undertake any voyage away from the named berth other than:

1) To a repair, maintenance or dry-dock facility in which case the following will apply.

  • The owner will be required to inform the Crouch Harbour Authority of his intention to move
  • Provide insurance documentation for the intended voyage
  • Provide RAMS [If applicable] for intended voyage
  • Comply with pilotage regulations if applicable
  • If tug assistance required use CHA approved contractor

2) To an alternative designated residential berth.

*Should the owner of the vessel move their boat without notifying the Crouch Harbour Authority or shift to an alternative berth that does not have the relevant permissions then said vessel’s Static Houseboat status will be immediately revoked and Harbour Dues appropriate to the apposite length based tariff will become immediately payable for that current Harbour Dues year.

Application to be reinstated would not be considered until the following year.