The Port Marine Safety Code applies to all harbours authorities in the UK that have statutory powers and duties.

The Crouch Harbour Authority is committed to achieving the objectives set by the code. As required the Authority has; Byelaws in place and has applied for the power to make General Directions, a Safety Management System which is revised annually, has conducted navigational risk assessments and has a Harbour Master and a Designated Person with appropriate qualifications and experience. The compliance and performance of the Authority in complying with the code is reported on at CHA Members meetings.

The objectives of the Port Marine Safety Code are that Harbour Authorities should:

  • be aware of existing powers and duties,
  • appoint someone as an independent ‘Designated Person’ who has direct access to the Board,
  • develop an effective marine safety management system which employs formal risk assessment techniques
  • employ people who are competent and qualified for positions they hold,
  • and publish a comprehensive safety plan, along with a regular assessment showing the authority’s performance against the plan.

(Reference source Department for Transport Port Marine Safety Code)

The Authority consults with port users through various committees to ensure a proper dialogue is achieved on safety.  Incident report forms can be downloaded from this website.


Public statement PMSC 2024
Safety Plan 2024
CHA Incident Report Form