The most recent minutes of the CHA Advisory Committee meeting are available to download using the link above. Earlier minutes are available by request from the CHA offices.

The Crouch Harbour Authority Advisory Committee was established by Crouch Harbour Act 1974.

The Advisory Committee has a very wide ranging interest in, and influence over the affairs of the harbour: the Act requires that the Harbour Authority ‘shall, except in a case of special urgency where it is not reasonably practicable to do so, consult the Advisory Committee on all matters substantially affecting the preservation, protection, regulation,management, maintenance and improvement of the harbour and the navigation thereof, and particularly…

  1. any application for the grant of a Works Licence; or
  2. any proposal to impose or vary any rates or charges; or
  3. any proposal to dredge, lay down moorings in, or change any navigational mark, light or channel of, the harbour.

The Advisory Committee has 27 members. The Crouch Harbour Act specifies that the members of Advisory Committee shall be nominated by certain established, named organisations representing particular interests including: landowners, yachting interests, naturalists, fisheries, nature conservation, boatbuilders, Trinity House, Port of London Authority, commercial users, wildfowlers etc.

Since the 1974 Act the relevant organisations have changed and the Act provides for this so that at present the members of Advisory Committee and their nominating organisations are:

Constituent Body Representative
Crouch Area Yachting Federation Nick Parsons – Chairman
Crouch Area Yachting Federation Clement Freeman – Vice Chairman
Active Communities Network
(Sport & Recreation)
David Record
Essex Association of Local Councils
Essex Association of Local Councils Cllr. Brian Hazlewood
Essex Wildlife Trust Alan Shearring
Kent & Essex Inshore and
Conservation Authority
Cllr. Penny Channer
Kent & Essex Inshore and
Conservation Authority
Ray Hawkins
Natural England Rebecca Korda
Port of London Authority Cpt. Cathryn Spain
Roach Area Fairways &
Conservation Committee
Ken Wickham – Chairman
Royal Yachting Association Cllr. Bob Calver
British Marine Federation
East Anglia
British Marine Federation Vacant
Trinity House Captain Trevor Dann
Fishing Interests Matthew Smith
Fishing Interests Russell Pitt
Commercial Users
Shipping Interests
Commercial Users
Shipping Interests
Owners Paul Woodford
Owners Mrs Charlotte Bailey
Owners Simon Hollington
CHA (Rep. of Owners of
Freehold Interests in more
than half of the Harbour lands)
John James
Essex Joint Council
of Wild Fowling Clubs
John Biscoe
Water Skiing Interests Philip Pope
Authority Nomination
Burnham Town Council
General Interests
Cllr. Neil Pudney
RSPB Appointment
by the Authority
Rachel Fancy