BEWARE OF THE COLD. Wear suitable clothing, high visibility if possible.

BUOYANCY AIDS. It is recommended that a life-jacket or buoyancy aid be worn at all times Wearing a harness is recommended whilst sail boarding. If you wear a leg rope for paddle boarding, ensure it is the correct type (The correct type will save your life the wrong sort could be deadly-SEEK ADVICE

Do not leave your board, it is an excellent source of buoyancy and offers better visual opportunity for rescuers.

BOARD AND RIG Ensure all elements of your board/rig are in good condition. Look after your equipment. It is strongly advised that you wash all items with fresh water at the end of every session afloat.

WEATHER & TIDES Be aware of weather conditions before setting out. Check the local forecast.

Pay particular attention to:

• Wind direction; is it on or off shore?

• Is the tide ebbing or flowing and is that likely to change whilst you are out. ALWAYS remember that wind and tide from opposite directions causes ‘choppy’ conditions.

• The tide flows at a different rate between high and low water.

• Beginners should always stay close to the shore.

• Do not take part in paddle boarding or sail boarding activities after dark.

COMMUNICATION Ideally, do not go out alone. However, ALWAYS tell someone ashore where you are going, what your intentions are and what time you expect to return. There are many water proof mobile phones available; it strongly recommended that you consider carrying one.

NAVIGATION Be considerate to other river users. It is recommended that you stay clear of the main fairway at all time but it is ESSENTIAL that you do so when there is commercial traffic underway.

INSURANCE All craft using the Rivers Crouch and Roach have as a minimum third party insurance cover.

Please click here for insurance details.