Havengore Bridge: Update 31.03.2020
Havengore Bridge Improvement – Work suspended

We regret to announce that as a result of Government advice and directives in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, our contractor has been forced to suspend the refurbishment work on Havengore Bridge.

Significant progress has been made and the works were on schedule to be completed by early April. Both of the new hydraulic cylinders have been installed, the associated hydraulics are well under way and most of the electrical and controls upgrade has been completed.

When the project resumes, our contractor estimates that a further 10-14 days will be needed to complete all work and to commission and test the bridge. We will maintain a regular assessment of advice being issued and work will recommence when Government guidelines allow, and when the local facilities needed to support the contractors are available.

We will inform you of a date for recommencement of work and a revised completion date when that information becomes available.

Regards, Nicki

Nicki Uden – Community Liaison Officer, SHOEBURYNESS RANGE
Careline: 0800 0560108
Email: nuden@QinetiQ.com

Potton Bridge: Closed to marine traffic – 23rd March 2020

Potton Bridge will be closed to marine traffic until further notice. This is due to staff shortages resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. QimetiQ will notify Mariners when the service has been restored.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this challenging period.

Nicki Uden – Community Liaison Officer, SHOEBURYNESS RANGE
Careline: 0800 0560108
Email: nuden@QinetiQ.com

Havengore Bridge: Update 03.02.2020
Qinetiq are pleased to confirm that the major programme of works to refurbish Havengore Bridge will begin on Monday 10 February 2020. The hydraulic system will be redesigned and improved with upgraded hydraulic components and replacement of the main lift cylinders. Controls equipment, systems and software will also be redesigned and upgraded to modern standards and fully integrated with the hydraulics. A new safety system and fault diagnostic technology will also improve bridge operations and reduce repair times.

The works will take several weeks to complete and Qinetiq are no longer able to offer manual lifting so no marine traffic will be able to pass until the bridge is returned to full operational capacity in early April.

Qinetiq are committed to improving the reliability, serviceability and long-term resilience of the bridge and will provide further updates as they become available. We thank you for your continued patience and co-operation.

Nicki Uden – Community Liaison Officer, SHOEBURYNESS RANGE
Careline: 0800 0560108
Email: nuden@QinetiQ.com


If you are thinking of sailing in the area of Maplin/Foulness Sands (which surround the live firing Range at MOD Shoeburyness), and intend to use Havengore Passage to reach the inner waterways of the River Crouch/River Roach, we strongly advise you to become familiar with the restrictions on passing Havengore Bridge.

The following information will assist you to plan a successful route:

  1. Havengore Bridge can only be used when the MOD Shoeburyness Range is NOT ACTIVE;
  2. The MOD Shoeburyness Range is normally active Monday to Thursday from 06:00 to 16:30 and Friday 06:00 to 12:30. The “ACTIVE” status of the Range is signalled by the flying of a RED FLAG on the bridge and at intervals around the perimeter of the site. Please note, Range operational hours are subject to change without prior notification and the MOD/QQ reserves the right to operate earlier/later and at weekends.
  3. The bridge is staffed 2 hours either side of high tide, during daylight hours, 365 days a year;
  4. If you wish to plan your journey in advance and would like advice from the Range about using the bridge on a particular day, please contact “Shoe Radar” on 01702 383311 or VHF Channels 16 or 72 (when the Range is active) or email us at QQSHBEnquiries@qinetiq.com. Please be aware that information supplied in advance is subject to change;
  5. If you wish to receive ‘on the day’ advice, you can contact the Bridge Keeper on 01702 383436 or VHF Channel 72 (when the bridge is staffed as described above);

Further information on the MOD Byelaws can be found on their website at www.shoeburyness.qinetiq.com