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20th March 2018 | Today's High Tides | 02:02 - 5.13m | 14:30 - 5.10m | Full Tide Tables

Please Watch Your Wash

Please be aware of the 8 knot speed limit in certain areas of the Rivers Crouch and Roach and abide by it; however it is not just your speed that you need to watch. Keep a good lookout (including astern) and realise what effect your wash is having on other Harbour users. Slow down when you see vessels that are vulnerable in particular:

• Vessels on mooring particularly with dinghies alongside.
• Vessel moored alongside pontoons.
• Person, particularly the young in canoes.
• Dive boats.
• Workboats tending moorings or navigation marks.
• Passengers embarking/disembarking from all vessels including passenger ferry.