Registration and payment is only available through the CHA Website.

Existing Customers:

To pay or add additional vessels please visit How to pay

If you wish to remove a Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard or Sailboard from your record, please contact the Harbour Office.

New Customers:

Please use the link provided below to register and make payment:

Harbour Dues Application Form – Canoe, Kayak, Paddle Board and Sailboards

The fee is £5.48 for one vessel; £10.96 for two to four vessels. Five and above £27.40.

Each vessel must be registered under the owners name only. Please be advised when registering more than two vessels, any that are free of charge will not appear on the payment screen or receipt, but the number selected will register on our Harbour Database. Do not submit your details more than once.

Upon registration and payment you will be issued with an Annual Harbour Dues Plaque. Please note that this should be carried with you at all times whilst out on the river for identification purposes. It is not necessary to display the Plaque on your craft.

Launch Sites for Canoes, Kayaks, SUP’s and Sailboards

There are only 2 public launching slipways within the Crouch Harbour Authority District located at South Woodham Ferrers and Hullbridge. All other slipways are privately owned and cannot be used without the specific permission of the owners.

Club Vessels

Vessels owned and registered to established clubs are exempt, but the craft will need to be identified as a club vessel when in use on the river.

Any vessel that is being used for training must be supervised at all times.