Following concerns raised by Members of the Crouch Harbour Authority. Please note the following advice given by the Marine Police Department.

• If you see or hear of any smuggling activity, please call the Customs Hotline on 0800 595 000

• If you are aware of any Illegal Immigrants entering the Harbour call the Border Force Immigration 0300 123 7000

• If you have any concerns generally regarding Police Matters. Contact Essex Police HQ:

Main Switchboard Tel. 01245 491491

Dial 999 in case of emergency ONLY (24 Hours)

Non-Emergency 24 Hours: Dial 101

Should you have concerns whilst you are underway and are suspicious of any small craft, unless there is immediate threat to life

• Do not take occupants on board your own vessel

• Standby at a safe distance

• Contact the Coastguard VHF Ch 16

• Contact Police Phone No. 101 if within range


• Await instructions from Coastguard/Police

• Continue to standby

• If necessary take craft in tow but do not take occupants on board your own vessel unless there is serious risk to life

• If you leave the scene ensure Coastguard/Police are aware of position of vessel you are referring to