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River Crouch - Longpole Reach

NtM 12 of 2019  


No Wash 8 Knot Speed Limit Buoys

Mariners are advised of the repositioning and characteristics of 2 special lighted “NO WASH” 8 KNOT SPEED LIMIT BUOYS in Longpole Reach (River Crouch) at the Eastern and Western ends of Fambridge Yacht Haven’s yacht moorings abeam of North Fambridge Jetty.

  1. Eastern Buoy

     Yellow – Round Base – White No Wash 8 Knots Sign

      in position:

      51° 38.13’N

    000° 41.32’E

    Light Fl Y 2.5 secs

  2. Western Buoy

    Yellow – Round Base – White No Wash 8 Knots Sign

    in position:

      51° 38.13’N

     000° 39.85’E

    All vessels are requested to ensure their wash is kept to a minimum when passing through yacht moorings.


    Captain Susan Harrison MNM

    Harbour Master

    26th March 2019