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Maintenance of Channel Marker Buoys at Stow Creek

NtM 33 of 2017  


River Crouch – Maintenance of Channel Marker Buoys at Stow Creek

Mariners are advised that all the channel marker buoys have been removed from Stow Creek for annual maintenance and it is hoped they will be back on station within 2 weeks. 

The white leading lights at the northern end of Stow Creek in approximate position:

Stow Creek Front    

   51˚38.770 N

000 ˚39.520 E

Stow Creek Rear   

    51˚38.820 N

  000˚39.515 E

remain unchanged however the lights have been replaced with brighter units.

Mariners will be advised when the channel marker buoys are back in place – they will be marked with green/ red reflecting tape so they will be more visible.


Captain Susan Harrison MNM

Harbour Master

18th August 2017