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Installation of Turncole Wind Farm

NtM no.30 of 2016  

Reference Notice to Mariners No 27 of 2016

Two vessels have been into the river and successfully discharged their cargo three further vessels are to follow.

Mariners are reminded

Although the vessels are relatively large they will be affected by wash from passing craft particularly whilst alongside the Flat Top Pontoon. Therefore;

An Exclusion Zone of 1 cable (200 meters) will apply around the seagoing vessel and flat top pontoon whilst operations are taking place

All vessels must navigate with caution at ‘Dead Slow Speed’ and keep an enhanced look-out at all times in this area while the works are ongoing.

No navigation permitted :

a) Between the shore line and Flat Top Pontoon ‘HAPPY’

b) Between marked anchors and fore and aft ends of Flat Top pontoon ‘HAPPY’

At all times whilst the sea going vessels are manoeuvring and discharging operations are taking place a standby will be in attendance (Either the ‘ARTHUR T’ or ‘JEAN T’)

She will be maintaining a listening watch on VHF Channel 11 and 16.

Instructions given by the Tug must be adhered to and followed at all times.


Susan Harrison

Harbour Master

26th July 2016