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Installation of Turncole Wind Farm

NtM no.27 of 2016  

Please Take Notice that components for the Turncole Wind Farm will be imported from Denmark into the River Crouch by Ships of up to 88m in length. The duration of the operation is expected to be approximately 2/3 weeks starting around 14th July 2016 (to be confirmed)

The components will be lifted ashore by a large mobile crane situated behind the river wall on the North Bank of the River Crouch near Holliwell Farm at the seaward end of Marsh Farm Road.

Prior to their arrival a Flat Top Pontoon length 54.4m Beam 11.4m (GPS HAPPY) will be towed into the river and manoeuvred into a position adjacent to the crane site by tug GPS ‘BATTLER’ during the early part of the week beginning 04th July 2016

The pontoon will be moored in approximate position 51º 37.30N - 000º 54.22E for the duration of operations to the riverbed using its integral spud legs.

An HHP anchor will then be run out approximately 30meters upstream and a second HHP anchor will be run out approximately 30 meters downstream of the pontoon. The anchors will be marked with pennant buoys. There will also be mooring ropes running from the anchors to bollards on fore and aft ends of the pontoon.

The flat top pontoon GPS HAPPY will display 2 fixed red lights at each end.

The turbine blades and components will be imported in 5 shipments by seagoing ships of up to 88m in length.

These vessels will arrive from seaward then manoeuvre alongside ‘HAPPY’ to discharge their cargo.

The turbine components are large and comparatively fragile. Strict wind, current and wave height limitation will apply to the lifting operations. If conditions are not suitable the seagoing ships will remain at anchor in the river in an approximate position of 51º 37.20N - 000º 53.26E (around 6 cables to the SE of the discharge site)

Although the vessels are relatively large they will be affected by wash from passing craft particularly whilst alongside the Flat Top Pontoon. Therefore;

An Exclusion Zone of 1 cable (200 meters) will apply around the seagoing vessel and flat top pontoon whilst operations are taking place

All vessels must navigate with caution at ‘Dead Slow Speed’ and keep an enhanced look-out at all times in this area while the works are ongoing.

No navigation permitted:

a) Between the shore line and Flat Top Pontoon ‘HAPPY’

b) Between marked anchors and fore and aft ends of Flat Top pontoon ‘HAPPY’

At all times whilst the sea going vessels are manoeuvring and discharging operations are taking place a standby will be in attendance (Either the ‘ARTHUR T’ or ‘JEAN T’)

She will be maintaining a listening watch on VHF Channel 11 and 16.

Instructions given by the Tug must be adhered to and followed at all times.


Susan Harrison

Harbour Master

30th June 2016