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River Roach – Wallasea Island: Breaching of Seawalls

NtM no.30 of 2015  

River Roach – Wallasea Island: Breaching of Seawalls

Please take notice that on Saturday 11th July 2015 three intentional breaches will be created in the seawalls of Wallasea Island allowing the island to be partially inundated pursuant to the Wallasea Wild Coast Project.

The breaches will be made by earthmoving plant working on the foreshore during the morning of Saturday 11th July 2015, working down towards low water, predicted at 15.06 BST.

Breach Locations will be:

Breach No. 1: Quay Reach N51 deg 36.55’, E0 deg 51.8’

Breach No. 2: Quay Reach N51 deg 36.10’, E0 deg 51.9’

Breach No. 3: Devil’s Reach N51 deg 35.75’, E0 deg 51.3’

Navigators should keep well clear of the breaches and plant/vessels involved in the works, especially until the breaches have become established and any consequent effect on navigational conditions has become clear.

The land and waters within Wallasea Island will remain the property of the RSPB and no public right of navigation will arise. Vessels should not enter those waters without consent of RSPB.


Mark Wakelin

Chief Executive

7th July 2015