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Safety Bulletin

Following the receipt of a report to the Harbour Authority on which it was stated that several yacht mooring buoys off of North Fambridge had recently been damaged. Owners and Masters of all vessels including those engaged in fishing are reminded of the following CHA Byelaws:

  •  Careful Navigation - No Master of a vessel, shall cause or permit such vessel to be navigated in a manner dangerous to other vessels or persons or without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons.
  •  Fishing – No Owner or Master shall use his vessel to cause or permit it to be used for drift or trawl net fishing through the Fairway.
  •  Interference with vessels and moorings – No person shall within the Harbour cast any vessel off her moorings or anchors without lawful authority or interfere with any mooring, including any mooring buoy and the ground tackle connected thereto.
  • Collisions - The Master of any vessel involved in an accident which causes damage to any other vessel or vessels within the Harbour shall give particulars of the incident and of the other vessel or vessels involved and his name and address to the Harbour Master within seven days and shall also give his name and address to the Master or Masters of such other vessel or vessels, if present, and shall, if called upon to do so, produce evidence of the validity of the name and address given, provided that this byelaw shall not apply when both or all the vessels involved in an accident are engaged in racing under International Yacht Racing Union or Union International Motornautique rules for the time being in force.