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29th April 2017 | Today's High Tides | 03:05 - 5.43m | 15:32 - 5.32m | Full Tide Tables

Navigation & Safety

Swimming on the River Crouch

Swimming in tidal rivers like at Burnham can be really dangerous. Only a fool chances his or her life in a situation he or she does not understand. Perhaps our advice not to swim is unwelcome - but to do so without knowing what the tide is doing is madness. Visit the Crouch Harbour Authority website to view our Tide Tables.

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Port Marine Safety Code

The Port Marine Safety Code applies to all harbours authorities in the UK that have statutory powers and duties.

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Havengore Bridge

If you are thinking of sailing in the area of Maplin/Foulness Sands (which surround the live firing Range at MOD Shoeburyness), and intend to use Havengore Passage to reach the inner waterways of the River Crouch/River Roach, we strongly advise you to become familiar with the restrictions on passing Havengore Bridge.

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Watch Your Wash

It is not just your speed you need to watch. Keep a good lookout and realise what effect your wash is having on other harbour users.

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Safety Advice for Recreational Sailors

The Crouch Harbour Authority regularly reviews guidance from incidents reviewed internally but also from outside sources but also from outside sources such as safety digests from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).

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Sail Boarding & Paddle Boarding

Some basic safety principals and precautions.

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