The employees of the Crouch Harbour Authority are delighted to have been presented with their Certificates of Accreditation by Jenny Brouard on behalf of Essex Police ‘Community Safety Accreditation Scheme’ and now look forward to working alongside other member of the organisation in the County.

Being a member of the scheme will provide the CHA with the opportunity of enhanced and improved communication and exchange of information within our community.

We are particularly interested and enthusiastic by the proposal by Essex Police to form a Marine-Watch and would welcome the opportunity to assist in its development and growth.

Anyone wishing for further information on the Scheme contact:

Jenny Brouard, Citizens in Policing Manager Ext 110008. Direct Dial 01245 457149

It is an offence not to provide details of names and addresses if requested by the Harbour Master/Staff.

The Crouch Harbour Authority are committed to providing a professional and fair service to everyone we work with. In return we ask that customers respect our staff.