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CHA 5 Year Strategic Development Plan

The Crouch Harbour Authority (CHA)

The Crouch Harbour Authority is the statutory harbour and navigation authority for the Rivers Crouch and Roach in South Essex. It has its own Act of Parliament (Crouch Harbour Act 1974) and is a 'Trust Port' - that is one that holds its assets and uses its powers for the benefit of its stakeholders. It is a not for profit organisation.

The CHA is responsible for marine safety and managing all marine activity within the rivers Crouch and Roach. This includes:

• Managing and Directing movement of regulated vessels

• Provision and authorising of Pilots and provision of pilotage

• Licensing of boat moorings

• Surveying and publishing navigational information and dredging if necessary

• Buoyage and Marking of Channels

• Removal of Hazards, Wrecks and Obstructions

• Licensing of Marine Works and Dredging operations

• Making and Enforcing Harbour Byelaws

• Speed Limits and Regulation of Waterskiing and Personal Water Craft (PWC)

• Collection of Harbour Dues and Charges

• Oil Spill Prevention and Clean-up

• Management of Waste from Vessels

• Consulting on General and Harbour Directions

In carrying out these responsibilities the harbour authority must abide by a very wide range of laws and regulations, including especially the Port Marine Safety Code which sets out the standards and principles for ensuring that all marine risks are managed so that they are 'as low as reasonably practicable'. There is also an increasing amount of environmental and water quality legislation with which the harbour authority must comply.